Thought Dick Had Only Two Years To Live

sunrider-testimonialHi, we are Dick and Rachel Randall from Phoenix, Arizona and we are so excited about Sunrider foods and how it has helped our health. The good news you will read in our story, brought us to tears!

We thought Dick had 2 years to live according to the oncologist but the N.M.D. informed us later on that he had thought Dick would not be with us much more than six months! (We’re glad he didn’t tell us that at the time.) So, when you read about his blood tests, you can understand why we are so excited!

Dick was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in May of 2000. He had several rounds of chemo, all different types, and in August of 2001, had a stem cell transplant. In May of 2003, he found out the lymphoma was growing again and he probably had less than 2 years to live. When doctors told us “there was no way to improve the immune system,” we did our own research and found an alternative treatment program which utilized lots of supplements, IV’s, and becoming a vegetarian.

Sunrider IBO PagesRachel had just been diagnosed with type II diabetes, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and high blood pressure. She began eating Sunrider foods in June of 2003.

After seeing Rachel’s progress with Sunrider foods, Dick started eating Sunrider foods in July 2003. By this time he was very anemic from the chemo and other treatment programs and the N.M.D. was very concerned.

After one week of eating Sunrider foods, Dick felt better energy immediately and his blood test showed some improvement right away. We both ate the Basic Sunrider Foods (NuPlus, Calli, Fortune Delight, Quinary, SunnyDew, SunBar, Vitadolphilus, and Fibertone.) In addition, Dick ate LOTS of VitaFruit, Alpha20C and Evergreen. Just eating the basics gave Rachel tremendous weight loss results. It’s so important to BALANCE before adding extras, (except in Dick’s case where we felt we had to move quickly.)

Now for our really GREAT NEWS! Dick recently went to the N.M.D., took blood tests and was examined. The doctor said his progress was miraculous!

He said that whatever you are doing; keep doing it…its working!

vitaShake10pck-choco-or-strawWhen we told him Sunrider foods are concentrated live, whole food, he was impressed and became a total supporter of what we are doing.

The blood tests showed that Dick has achieved an alkaline body…when you have an alkaline body, disease cannot thrive! Except for two areas involving the cardiovascular system, which was affected by the chemo, all his levels are normal!

Prior to eating Sunrider foods, an oncologist had told him he had one kidney that wasn’t working! The blood tests show they are both working now!

We are living proof of Regeneration! The doctor notices definite changes in Dick’s body; he has definition in his neck now instead of the swollen lymph nodes and there is a lot of change in his chest cavity. He also said that when he saw him last summer, he was not very hopeful. His anemia and immune indicators were so bad, the doctor privately thought he would not live another six months! I got chills up and down my body when I heard that! We knew he was not good, but that really brought it home.

calli-teaWe had prayed to God for the answer to Dick’s health challenges and for a way to afford our health. We know that God placed this wonderful Sunrider gift in our path. It is as simple and as enjoyable as eating good healthy food! Dick started on this new program on July 4th, six months ago. What a wonderful way to start the New Year by receiving this latest report.

Dick has a new lease on life, literally, and Rachel has cleared all her health challenges and lost 60 pounds so far! We look so good—friends want to join us in Sunrider! We became Directors in four months and have been able to help several friends dramatically improve their health also.

God is great! God is good! Thank you God, for THESE foods.

As told to Glenda Fielen

Questions about foodCOLLEEN’S MIRACLE CONNECTION…. I had seen a flyer for a raw foods dinner/potluck. It was about an hour drive, at night. But these two college boys had gone raw and their story was so good and they had even written a “cook” book. I guess a “Raw food recipe collection” called TOP RAWMEN.

I was impressed and decided to go. 3 days after signing up, I got a call asking for Dr. Colleen Ceton,….. (Nobody calls me that)……Curious……So the caller asked me if I would speak at that very potluck. Their speaker had canceled and one of the raw boys had seen me at a bookstore speaking about raw food. So, now I was the speaker.

I took 15 copies of my CD…(that was basically about a different way to look at cancer and why I thought Sunrider would be the answer.) And 15 copies of my other CD (that was about a different way to look at diabetes and why I thought Sunrider would be the answer). I was going to give them out after the talk….but there were about a hundred people so I set them aside.

After speaking, I was going to eat and leave. I sat down next to Dick and Rachael and asked why they were there…They said “Well, Dick has cancer and I have been diagnosed with Diabetes.” I said “I came for you.” I gave them each a CD. And the story as you read couldn’t be more incredible.

Fortune DelightTwo fun stories I know personally, not included in the testimonial are as follows . Dick was going to finish his Vitamin C IV’s first so he was going to “watch Rachael.” Well Rachael was one of the few people that actually got much more tired at first. For the first couple of weeks I wondered if they would still choose for Dick to get started? It wasn’t looking very promising! But all of sudden things started clicking! Rachael was back, feeling great!!!! So, they began as a couple to embrace regeneration.

The first time I saw Dick his arms were black, blue and purple from top to bottom, not more than a week after starting the program …clear skin !!! I remember them driving by to show me. Dick said “I feel better than you!! “ Also his wife said that before he just sat all day, every day, in a certain chair with no energy or desire to do anything. The first day he started eating Sunrider foods she went in the room and he was gone. After a long search she found him outside and he was washing the camper. It was hugely significant to her, indicating that he was looking ahead again.

When I reread this story, I felt a deep desire to share it. I honestly don’t come across anyone that doesn’t have some similar story of challenges about themselves or loved ones, when they find out what I do.

How could we not speak up?

Howard Boy’s Story

rawFoodBeing a universal allergic, Howard Boy was allergic to all foods, the air, his wife and even his own body, at one time.

Put simply, I collapsed eight years ago and should have died. When I got to the doctor in Dallas who saved my life, he said basically, “we have five ways of measuring your immune system, and four of those are on zero.” “The other one is called T-cells; you should have about 1,800 and you have 375.

“So, the way I see it, the next major insult you have in your life, you won’t have a life.” This was a very smart man, and I really do credit him for saving my life.

Life in a Bubble

The doctor put me in a bubble and he began educating me on what I had to do to stay alive. As I turned out, through years of doing this, he didn’t educate me on how to get well, but how to keep from dying.

Eat Raw FoodMy wife and I have spent a long time and gone to really radical means to try to get well. That included living in the desert, outside of Las Vegas for three years. Everything made me sick. I was what they call a universal allergic. For example, when I went to Dr. Ray’s clinic, they tested me for allergies to fifty foods and I was allergic to all fifty.

Logically, that means that I shouldn’t eat anything. Of course, I am also allergic to air and my wife and at one point, I was allergic to my own body. Dr. Ray’s suggestion was to get far away from the world as possible.

Initially that was a bubble, but eventually it was the Las Vegas desert.

My Life in the Desert

I slept on the ground, because everything else made me sick. I had no tent and very little food.

Las Vegas was very nice because there was no dust and there was no mold and no bugs. I could live, so to speak, in this desert environment, without all the hassles that you would normally have when the grass is knee deep, and there’s farms all around, and when there is the pollution from the traffic and so on.

I don’t want to go any further into that. I just wanted to give you some idea of what we were up against.

Sunrider Comes Along

I would like to just jump forward to a few months ago when we started really learning about Sunrider.

quinaryBeing as sick as I was, most everything I tried to do seemed to make me sicker, and it seemed to me something like Sunrider was virtually guaranteed to make me sicker. Products that contain 8 to 12 ingredients and even went so far as to claim to be concentrated were just guaranteed to make me really sick. However, I had learned years ago that not all of the things that seemed to make me sick or not all of the things that made me feel bad, were really making me sick. Some of the things that made me feel bad were making me sicker, because the toxins that were generated by these foods or products were further polluting my body. I knew that there were some foods that were good for my body that were also making me feel sick. The reason for this is that as the toxins that had been stored in my cells were being thrown into my bloodstream so they could be cleansed from my body. I would again get sick.

After hearing the testimonies from other Sunriders, there was no doubt in my mind that Sunrider products had the capacity to help me get well. There was also this lingering fear that it was too good to be true, and as my wife said, it worked for everyone else, but it won’t work for us.

Triglyceride’s Improve Significantly with Two Prime Again Daily

Sunrider IBO PagesUnlike so many others who start with everything in the Sunpack, I started extremely cautiously.

I started with Prime Again, two capsules a day. I didn’t get sick, and that was encouraging. Two weeks later when I got some new blood work, I found out that my triglycerides, a problem that I had been battling for three years, had improved significantly, with just this minor change in my diet. So, that encouraged me to try lifestream for the next two week period. Being a little more bold, I tried three capsules a day. Two weeks later, my cholesterol was down, and my LDH’s were normal for the first time in years. The LDH is a measure of cell destruction. How fast is your body dying. About this time, a doctor made a recommendation that ended up making me very sick.

I got the flu, and after several days of sinus congestion and sore throats, it was obviously heading to my chest. I knew I didn’t want to
go through that. My fear of getting sicker overcame my fear of Conco, and I plunged right in and took six capsules a day.

Really bold, right? Within two days, the symptoms were dramatically improved and I cut back to three capsules a day, and within two days all symptoms were gone.

Warning About Cleansing Too Fast

vitaShake10pck-choco-or-strawNow I had an incredible track record because here was a line of products, every one of which should have made me sick and I had just survived three in a row, with no negative effects. I wanted to go into this kind of detail, so you can see how careful you must be if you get should of someone as sick as I was.

We do know a number of other people who are universal allergic.

When your body really is polluted with toxins, then you have to be very careful with a product as strong as Sunrider is. Herbs are concentrated by nature and then Sunrider concentrates them even further. The first thing I tried In Sunrider was one cup of Calli beverage and within two minutes I was doubled over in pain. I felt like someone was ripping my insides out. Within six minutes I had to pee so bad, I couldn’t sit there. Before I got back from the bathroom, I had to go the other way. It was desperate. My head was reeling, my ears were ringing, my body was going berserk. It’s just a situation that the Calli beverage is such a fantastic cleanser that my body was dumping toxins out of my cells and into my bloodstream faster than my body could handle it.

calli-teaI started very carefully with Calli, again understanding that you people had achieved success. I just had to start SLOWLY. I diluted the Calli 4 – 1 and drank a half a cup a day. Four months later I drink it full strength and it is helping me more and more. One of the reasons that Calli has helped me so much is that it is specifically effective for heavy metal poisoning. I had a lot of silver amalgam filling in my mouth, so I had a lot of mercury in my system.

For me, when I drink Calli, it tasted metallic. That’s how much metal was being released.


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