Woman Becomes Mother at 64 Because of Sunrider…..

Sunrider-BabyThis picture is of a young girl that has come to live with me. Her name is Amelia and she is one great kid.

When she came to stay a year ago, the social workers told me that after a doctor’s  diagnosis they suspected Amelia suffered from  failure to thrive syndrome and neurological challenges. She was 14 months old and had not begun pulling herself up yet and did not speak.

I made her some Calli and she downed 3 small bottles in rapid succession and then started filling up diapers.

She lost a pound and a half the first day here.

I gave her three bottles a day with a packet each of  Nuplus and Quinary,  then Calli and Fortune throughout the day.

She even drinks the concoction actress Sharyn Wynters taught us to make  (including a whole bottle of  Electrosport, Evergreen and Herb Cal ) as if it was the best tasting stuff ever.

She eats every veggie or fruit I put in front of her.

Within a week she was pulling herself up, then a week later, started taking  steps and within the month she was walking.

She is now a great runner, steady on her feet and quick. This has earned her the nickname of Bullet…..and the Blur……(because she is so fast).

When I first took her to school, she was placed with the babies because of her limited abilities.

Today she is with the 2-3-year-olds and she just turned 2. The teacher told me she was too far ahead to stay with the 1 – 2’s because she is performing at such a high level. Yahoo!!

She is absolutely the most even tempered child I have ever known (and I have already raised 3 children of my own).  Amelia is funny on purpose as she sees things quite humorously.

I wonder how many children labeled with these diagnoses could be helped by having our “real” nutrient dense whole food. I know it’s a lot to see happen in such a short period of time but the change was immediate and amazing.

The reason Sunrider is responsible is that I have no problem adding her to my busy schedule. I feel as if I will be available to raise her even though I need to stay strong for another 20 years minimum.

For more information:

Delma Dominguez at 602-614-7512.